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Increase Your Rates With Confidence.

What is Rock Your Pricing?

Rock Your Pricing is an online course and private community exclusively for existing or aspiring consultants, freelancers, and solopreneurs who struggle with pricing their products and services.

This an exclusive private space away from social media, advertising, distractions, algorithms, trolls, and all the noise.

We are on a quest to develop a mindset of value with business strategies around pricing our services so that we can stop undercharging and billing by the hour, and start pricing on value and charge what we're worth, enabling us to build 7-figure businesses.

What others are saying

"Paul, thank you again for the incisive feedback during our consultation last week.  It really helped me zero in on what I need. I am so grateful for your feedback and candor and for really having an opinion.  You have helped me a ton"                      -Lindsay Pedersen, Brand Strategist & Owner

"I spent months going back and forth on my consulting prices before I finally reached out to Paul for help. During our time together, Paul quickly confirmed that I needed to stop selling my hours and start charging what I’m worth.  I immediately stopped submitting 5-figure contracts for hourly work and within weeks I secured my first 6-figure value-based client! I would never have done that without Paul’s help. Thank you, Paul, for helping me see my value, so I could start charging what I’m worth!"            - Mary Valloni, Fundraising Consultant

"Paul has been a game-changer for me that’s really paid off! I used to be that single-price, multi-page proposal maker that sent my prospects into “analysis paralysis,” as Paul calls it. Then I applied what I learned from Paul and scored my first win yesterday with a single-page proposal containing three pricing options. I was hoping the prospective client would at least choose my middle price/package – but he chose my most expensive option! Paul really knows his stuff. Thank you for everything"                - Sal Campos, Marketing Consultant

"I had the pleasure of working with paul about a year ago, I’ve consulted with him frequently about business and each time I chat with him I feel such a huge sense of clarity about pricing for my coaching and consulting. He’s the real deal and everything he says is SO VALUABLE. A must have resources if you're a solopreneur, freelancer, or coach"                                   - Lauren Davis, Marketing Consultant 


My name is Paul Klein and I can't wait to help you Rock Your Pricing!

From my days as 1980s hair band guitarist 🎸and lifelong entrepreneur to starting and scaling a successful SAAS company to consulting for some of the biggest brands including Target, Slack, UC Berkley, Cracker Barrel, Holiday Inn, KFC, Taco Bell, Yum Brands, JC Penney, Bebe, Dollar General, Sherwin Williams, Les Schwab, and more.

I’ve perfected what I call my “3 Pillars” approach to building, scaling and pricing your services in a way that helps you grow to 7 figures in revenue. I am the host of the Pricing Is Positioning Podcast and love working with consultants, freelancers, and solopreneurs just like you. 

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